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[upcoming hardwares]
apr. 29 tns-hfc2 (nes)
apr. 17 prophet64 cartridge (c64)

[upcoming cds/vinyls]
apr. 27 advanced daisenryaku original soundtrack (gen) *preorder*
apr. 26 portable disco 8bit edition / ramrider (various)
apr. 26 silpheed ~pc sound of game arts (pc88) *preorder*
apr. 26 chaos seed soundtrack (snes/ss) *preorder*
mar.31 breath of fire i-v original soundtrack special box (snes/ps) *preorder*
mar.24 capture chronicle series "gain ground & crack down" (arcade) *preorder*
mar.24 legend of game music -consumer box- (various) *preorder* *delayed*
  soon    light wave / xinon (gb)
  soon    v.a. "we're the operators" 8-bit kraftwerk covers (gameboy etc.)
*preorder* available via cocoebiz

[competitions/advertisements now running]
apr. 08 tiny sid 2 compo submission deadline (c64)
apr. 01 48k music contest voting deadline (zx)
mar.27 sms power music competition 2006 submission deadline (sms)
spring  noof's chiptune disk submission deadline (mod)
---.-- chip-on's 1st chip disk gathers artists (mod)
---.-- dissed by the qfs volume 2 wants your tracks (various)

"Prozac Population" by Neonempyr

Neonempyr released a new chiptune. It's a massive 5/4 march multi-utilizing his NESVST Pack. Available in MP3 format.

GoatTracker V2.3 released

GoatTracker is a music editor running on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X which allows you to compose COMMODORE 64's SID music. It doesn't require any emulators or special hardwares as the sound of the SID is emulated by the editor itself. New to this version:
  • Internal reorganization.
  • New assembler-based relocator that leaves out unused portions of player code.
  • Instead of choosing a player version, one can choose combinations of player features.
  • Relocator does not save selfcontained duplicate parts of tables.
  • Added keys 0-9 & A-Z in the fileselector to move to the corresponding part of the filelist (if found).
  • Added SHIFT+H to calculate left/right shifted "hifi" speedtable values, according to the frequency of a note.
  • Fixed songdata optimize function.
  • Fixed relocator with no-hardrestart instrument in slot 1.
  • Fixed relocator handling of effect C (Set cutoff).
Grab it from "TOOLS" section on the bottom menu.

Poke-1,170's Airwaves #16 on the stream

Poke-1,170 broadcasts an one hour radio program dedicated to chiptunes and modules via Enschede FM, the Netherlands. During next seven days, its 16th episode is available online as a stream radio or a downloadable MP3. This month is Swedish micromusic scene special featuring Paza, Random, Goto 80, Psilodump, Komatrohn, and Dorothy's Magic Bag.

(Thanks: Poke-1,170/The c-men)

Linde "Double Density" from Future:Komp

Swedish chiptune composer Philip Linde released an online album from Future:Komp which is turning a year old this month. He dug down his both happy and funky characters on those nine tracks made with Amiga, sometimes in pure NES vgm style and sometimes in orthodox demoscene style. You can download it in MP3 format.

(Thanks: Future:Komp)

"FREAK (Play, Beeper, play! part II )" by MISTER BEEP

Mister Beep from Poland who is sticking to ZX Spectrum/Timex Sinclair's beeper music released a new tune. "3 channels. This time I were making some experiments with modulation and with instruments' volumes (which is formally impossible on 1-bit music, as you know). Soft used: Orfeus Music Assembler." (Mister Beep)

He also added a guest song: Andrew Owen's cover from "HANG-ON" (arcade) made with Music Box which has just two channels but he managed to play four. Both songs are available in MP3 format.

(Thanks: Mister Beep)

"Water Days" by Hakyoku Seiken

Hakyoku Seiken from the USA released a new chippie dnb made with Piston Collage. It's a ballanced mixture of crystal-clear simple waveform and 90s style breakbeats. Available in PTCOP format.

(Thanks: Hakyoku Seiken)

"jeeper beeper" by scsnippets

Motif_R aka Scsnippets from France released a new Gameboy Advance tune, a speedy techno track in Detroit style made with nanoloop 2.0. You can download it in MP3 format.

Incidentally, a 7 inches record should be released soon with 2 or 3 of his Gameboy tracks on the french/corsican label Kiosk-Eclectic.

(Thanks: Scsnippets)

"Gakeppuchi sound system" by Massiva

Yoshida_cienda aka Massiva from Japan released a new Gameboy Advance track, a solid electro-dub made with nanoloop 2.0 this time. You can download it in MP3 format.

"nanodrone9" / "nanodrone10" by will green

Will Green from California released two new Gameboy Advance songs. They are nanoloop 2.0-based deep chillout as usual, but "Nanodrone10" is a a mixture of three different nanoloop things. MP3 download and online preview are available.

(from nanoloop mp3 forum)

"Shitty Muffin" / "Speed Sped" by Tetris Hold'em

Tetris Hold'em aka Kas Dunn from Canada released two new Gameboy Advance tracks. "Shitty Muffin" is an electronica running nanoloop 2.0 with Machinedrum. "Speed Sped" is an experimental jam using two GBAs simultaneously. You can listen to those songs in MP3 format, but registering to is required for downloading.

(from nanoloop mp3 forum)

Vortex Tracker II v1.0 beta 13 released
[editor][zx, msx][various]

Sergey Bulba's Vortex Tracker II is a music editor running on PC which allows you to compose AY tunes in PT3 format for ZX SPECTRUM or MSX. The editor itself emulates AY sound chip, so any emulators or special hardwares are not required. Currently it supports PT2, PT1, STC, ZXS, STP, SQT, ASC, PSC, FLS, PT1, GTR, FTC and FXM formats as importable files. Here's what's new:
  • Fixed error in PSM import: loop position always was zero.
  • In addition to 'Save As...' command added simple 'Save' (asks for file name only for new modules).
  • Added save requests before closing module windows or whole editor.
  • Added second sound chip emulation to play any two opened modules simultaneously. 'Play' and 'Play from start' start playing module of current window through the first chip and module selected in dropdown list of control panel through the second chip. So, you can edit two standard PT3-modules, and then play it simultaneously through some of known devices (Turbo-Sound or Turbo-AY) on real ZX (see example in ZX-magazine InfoGuide #8).
  • MC68000 PT3-player is updated (SNDH-export). Note and volume tables are packed now via Ivan Roshin methods (player size is 1 KB smaller now).
  • SNDH-export is improved: new SNDH v2 TAGs are supported and new file name extension (SNDH) is used now.
  • 'Options' dialog allows you to input any AY-frequency in range 1-3.5 MHz, and any player frequency in range 1-2000 Hz.
  • Added track colors selection in 'Options' dialog.
You can download it from "Vortex Project" section. Source code is also available at "to the Programmer" section.

New example songs at GSF Central

GSF format is music file ripped from the GAMEBOY ADVANCE. GSF Central, located on catsith2's homepage, provides all informations about this format. The following example song collection was added on Mar.25th:
  • Rockman EXE 6: Faltzer\Greiga (37 tracks)

Project 2612 updated

Project 2612 being managed by DJ Squarewave and Dark Pulse is the world's largest Genesis/Mega Drive game music archive. They provide about 400 titles in VGM song format rather than outdated GYM format. The following complete soundtracks were added during Mar.26~27:
  • Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament (14 tracks)
  • Micro Machines: Turbo Tournament '96 (14 tracks)
  • Micro Machines Military (14 tracks)
  • Splatterhouse 3 (34 tracks)
  • Super Skidmarks (3 tracks)
  • T2: The Arcade Game (8 tracks)
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (6 tracks)
  • Tetris (9 tracks)
  • Battle Mania (Trouble Shooter) (24 tracks)
  • King of the Monsters (9 tracks)
  • King of the Monsters 2 (25 tracks)

New chiptunes at The Mod Archive

The Mod Archive is one of the most active MOD collection sites. The following chiptunes were added during Mar.24th~25th: (Note: The Mod Archive often cleans up Recent Uploads in alphabet order. Check the file name directly at the search window or at "Altered Perception" under the logo if the above links don't work.)

"Fifth Channel" by Yerzmyey

Polish ZX Spectrum musician Yerzmyey uploaded his latest song in MP3 format which won at recent Forever 7 party. "Normally AY chip has only 3 channels. Most of ZX musicians makes 4 channels on it everyday. But now I made this song, where are sometimes 5 channels in which, without any CPU's activity." (Yerzmyey)

New song collections at
[tune][snes][spc] is one of the largest archive for SPC music files dumped from SNES games. They provide more than 700 SPC sets as well as superb database related to SNES vgms. The following complete soundtracks were added or updated on Mar.25th:
newest sets
  • "Alfred Chicken" Mark Knight (10 tracks)
  • "Syndicate" Russell Shaw (5 tracks)
  • "Captain Novolin" Kingsley Thurber, Mark Ganus (13 tracks)
  • "Nichibutsu Arcade Classics" Slash, Asterisk (61 tracks)
  • "NBA Give 'n Go" Masahiko Kimura, Kazuhiko Uehara (18 tracks)
  • "Tsuyoshi Shikkarishinasai Taisen Puzzle-Dama" Kenichi Matsubara, Hideto Inoue, Masahiro Ikariko, Harumi Ueko, Kazuhiko Uehara (20 tracks)
  • "Super Nazo Puyo - Ruru no Ruu" BA.M, Einosuke Nagao, Tsuyoshi Matsushima, TAISHOW, SUPERKENTA (25 tracks)
  • "Super Nazo Puyo 2 - Ruru no Tetsuwan Hanjyou ki" BA.M, Tsuyoshi Matsushima, SUPERKENTA, Einosuke Nagao (19 tracks)
  • "Super Bombliss" MITSUTO.S (15 tracks)
  • "Super Tetris 2 & Bombliss" Mitsuhiko.T, K4, DHAL-CHAN (15 tracks)
  • "Super Tetris 2 & Bombliss Limited" Mitsuhiko.T, K4, DHAL-CHAN (15 tracks)
  • "Super Tetris 3" Shigemitsu Goto (33 tracks)
Recent updates
  • "Breath of Fire"
  • "Dragon Quest 3"
  • "Shin Nekketsu Kouha Kunio tachi no Bannka"
  • "Super Puyo Puyo"

Kingshriek's GBS/HES/NSF rip page updated

Kingshriek provides hundreds of NES/PC-ENGINE/GAMEBOY game soundtracks in NSF/GBS/HES format ripped by his hand. The following titles were added on Mar.25th:
  • Dead of the Brain 1 & 2 (HES)
  • Dragon Egg! (HES)
  • Top o Nerae! Gunbuster Vol. 1 (HES)
  • Top o Nerae! Gunbuster Vol. 2 (HES)

Neotracker 1.6 released
[editor][atari 8bit][various]

This is a music editor for the ATARI XE/XL supporting not only internal POKEY chip but also the Covox expansion which allows you to use samples. Originally the Covox Speech Thing was manufactured as a simple parallel port DAC for the IBM-PCs in 80s, and later this technology was diverted in ZX SPECTRUM and MSX scene for playing MODs etc. Similar unit is also used in Polish ATARI 8bit PC scene. At least 128KB memory is required to use this software. Changes in this update:
  • *VBL jumps fixed (works now with DracOS),
  • automatic detection of XMS-bank used by SpartaDOS X in the installer,
  • clearing of memory before starting both tracker and installer,
  • volume change in sample window bug fixed.

nusedriver completed

Nurv from Japan finally finished Nusedriver (nsd): his new NES music driver allowing you to make NSF files. Although external sound chips are not supported, it's designed to adapt MIDI song data easily. Yamanote available on the same page converts a MIDI file to assembler source code for Nusedriver (Yes, it doesn't go through MML so may be slightly hard to use).

NitroTracker v0.1.2 released

NitroTracker being developed by Tobias Weyand is a tracker style music editor running on the Nintendo DS. It allows you to compose XM modules with the stylus using an on-screen keyboard. Samples are not only loaded from WAV files but also recorded with the DS's built-in microphone. Here's what's new:
  • The archive now contains a .gba.nds version that has a prepended loader and should work on Supercard CF. M3 SD owners will be able to access their SD-cards with this version, but support is still read-only. Thanks to Sata for letting me use his M3 code.

"Shin Megami Tensei - Ginza" by Piko Brock

Piko Brock, a chiptune project by Yutaka Andou from Japan, released a new song, this time a NES style mix from Shin Megami Tensei (SNES). You can download megami.mp3 from Music section on Works menu.

"Super Valis - Stage 1" / "Nemesis 3 - "Stage 7" by Hackurl

Hackurl from Japan who makes chippie cover songs with ModPlug Tracker released a MSX style mix from Super Valis (SNES) and NES style mix from Nemesis 3 (MSX). Grab H-VALISIVST1.mp3 and H-GOFERST7.mp3.


2006/3/25  SIDPLAY for Mac OS X 3.4 released
2006/3/25  STYLEX "GAMEROM" music video
2006/3/24  kode54's foobar2000 plugins updated updated
2006/3/24  Kingshriek's GBS/HES/NSF rip page updated
2006/3/24  "Spontaneous Devotion" by Random
2006/3/24  Piston Source launched
2006/3/24  Spamtron "The Source Code EP" from Mega Twerp
2006/3/24  Bit Shifter's interview movie
2006/3/24  "Scotch Chicken" music video
2006/3/24  Ari Morimoto's Gameboy live clip

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