YAMAHA YMF/YMZ chips numerical classification


Yamaha has developed tons of sound chips, and they often bother chip researchers since many different lines get snarled up in close numbers. So I tried to ravel them on the following chart.

FM 4op. with SSG/PCM SSG PCM unidentified
  YMF262-M (OPL3)        
  YMF262-S (OPL3)        
        YMZ263B-F (MMA)  
    YMF264-F (OPNC)      
YMF271F (OPX)          
  YMF274 (OPL3 compatible)        
    YMF276-M (OPN2C)      
  YMF278 (OPL4)        
  YMF278B (OPL4)        
        YMZ280B-F (PCMD8)  
  YMF281B-D (OPLLP)        
  YMF282 (OPL3 compatible)        
      YMZ284-D/M (SSGL)    
    YMF286-K (OPNB compatible?)      
    YMF288-M (OPN3-L)      
  YMF289B-F (OPL3-L)        
  YMF289B-S (OPL3-L)        
YMF292 (SCSP)          
      YMZ294 (SSG)    
  YMF295 (OPL4-D)        
  YMF297 (OPN3-L + OPL3)      

* From early 1980s, Yamaha has developed sound related chips in four digit numbers (YMxxxx). However, in early 1990s it seems to have reached the end of numbers: YM9xxx. Maybe this is the reason Yamaha initialized their product as Y + two identifiers + three digits.

* At least in the range of 2xx, YMF seems to mean FM, and YMZ seems to mean non-FM. However, I guess they were developed in the same line because of the following reasons: 1) their numbers are close but aren't overlapped. 2) They had been produced in close numbers also in the days of YMxxxx. In any case I mixed them on this chart.

* An obvious difference from YMxxxx numbers is that DAC and sound effect chips were separated to other lines. And in YMF/YMZ range it's difficult to find classifying policies of OPM/OPL/OPN etc. in certain range of numbers.

* OPN compatibles have ended at 2xx range. But others continue to 7xx numbers.

list of references:


Hex125, Kayama, Stiletto.

BEFiS sound chip list at [Hall of Fame] section

Written by Hally (Apr.6th 2003)