YAMAHA YMF/YMU/YMZ chips numerical classification


Yamaha has developed tons of sound chips, and they often bother chip researchers since many different lines get snarled up in close numbers. So I tried to ravel them on the following chart.

FM with PCM
(OPL3 compatible)
FM with PCM
(mobile audio)
FM 2op. with PCM SSG with PCM ADC/DAC other unidentified
YMF701B-S (OPL3-SA)      
YMF704C-S (OPL4-ML)      
   YMZ705-F (SSGS)   
   YMZ710 (SSGP3)   
YMF711-S (OPL3-SA2)      
YMF715E-S (OPL3-SA3)      
YMF718-S (OPL3-SA2C)      
YMF719E-Q (OPL3-SA3C)      
YMF719-S (OPL3-SA3C)      
YMF721 (OPL4-ML2)      
YMF724 (DS-1)      
YMF724-V (DS-1S)      
YMF724B-V (DS-1S)      
YMF724C-V (DS-1S)      
YMF724E-V (DS-1S)      
YMF724F-V (DS-1S)      
    YMF727 (AC3F2)  
    YMF730-S (AC-2)  
   YMZ732 (SSGS2)   
   YMZ732-F (SSGS2)   
   YMZ733-F (PSMS) *1   
YMF734-V (DS-1B)      
  YMZ735 (FMS)    
  YMZ736 (FMP)    
YMF738 (DS-2)      
YMF740 (DS1-L)      
YMF740C-V (DS1-L)      
YMF741-S (OPL3-SA3L)      
    YMF743-S (AC-7)  
YMF744B-R (DS-1S)      
YMF744B-V (DS-1S)      
    YMF745-S (AC-3)  
    YMF753-S (AC-8)  
YMF754-R (DS-1E)      
YMF754-V (DS-1E)      
 YMU757B-Q (MA-1)     
 YMU759B-Q (MA-2)     
 YMU759C-QZ (MA-2L)     
 YMU762-Q (MA-3)     
 YMU762-CZ (MA-3L)     
 YMU765 (MA-5)     
     YMZ770 (AMMSL) 
     YMZ770B (AMMSL) 
   YMZ771 (SSG3)   
   YMZ771-F (SSG3)   
     YMZ773-V (AMMS2) 

*1... without SSG. * OPL compatibles had been one of highly demanded sound chips until late 90s because Yamaha poured them for Windows PCs. So PC soundcard components which consist of OPL variations and audio CODEC chips performed the central role in 7xx range.

* In year 1999, YMF754 appeared as the last scion of the OPL family. and Yamaha left from PC soundcard business. It meant the end of YMF line. However, to develop sound chips for mobile phones, Yamaha has started YMU line in late 1990s. Numbers after 754 are just for mobile phones. MA-x sound chips also consist of FM + PCM method. But their architecture is not based on any kind of YMFs.

list of references: http://www.scargo.com/nshim/ymf/ http://widenet.dip.jp:2002/ http://www.plasma-online.de/ BEFiS sound chip list at [Hall of Fame] section


Hex125, Kayama, Stiletto.

BEFiS sound chip list at [Hall of Fame] section

Written by Hally (Apr.6th 2003)