VORC is a news site for Video Game Music and Chiptune. We'd like to explain what they are.
Video Game Music (ever since then we represent as "VGM")
It means soundtracks for all video games. Usually they are called simply "Game Music" (At least in Japan). But VORC limits contents, to put "Video" on this word. "Video Game Music" is also a title of the world first game music album. What we can call "VGM" are tunes on its slip stream only. Concretely "VGM" means game music before ruled by hi-bit PCM samples.
Most of Japanese aren't familiar with this word. "Chiptune" means tunes finished on some (cheap) chips(In MOD scene there is another aspect because it's constracted from samples only. Tunes with chip sound samples are called "chiptune"). Almost the same as VGM about musical contents. But in Europe and USA, such kind of musics weren't composed for video games only. They're also born from demos and compos.
The Japanese VGM and European/American chiptunes. There've been no trial to deal with them equally until recent years though they have same essences. Each listeners have had a little informations about another music scene. It might be caused from their large difference about spreaded consoles and PCs. But today, Windows PCs spread in all over the world and music properties from old pratfolms can be shared on it. We guess their difference will have to fade away.

New VGMs and chiptunes are still created almost everyday. The trial for excavation or adjustment the past properties are also active year by year. We intend to follow and report such movement.


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